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The 2nd Asian Buddhist Film Festival
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The 2nd Asian Buddhist Film Festival will be held in GV Grand from 05 to 08 May 2011.

Tickets for Opening & Closing Night are at $20 each. Tickets for all other sessions are at $10 each.

GV Movie Club members enjoy $1 off The 2nd Asian Buddhist Film Festival Tickets! Members must login to their membership account or present their membership card before purchasing tickets at any GV Box Office.

Tickets are available from 31 March on-line at www.gv.com.sg and at all GV Box Offices

Limited seats may still be available for the 2nd Asian Buddhist Film Festival. Please contact our Customer Service hotline at 6311 9162 for more details.

Screening details:

Date Time Movie Title Language Country Genre Format Duration
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9.15 pm Echoes of the Rainbow (PG) Mandarin Hong Kong Drama 35mm 117 min
7.00 pm Milarepa (PG) Tibetan Bhutan Drama Digibeta 90 min
9.00 pm A Zen Life - DT Suzuki (PG) Japanese/ English Japan Documentary Betacam SP 77 min
4.15 pm Sky Dancer + Brilliant Moon (PG) Tibetan Tibet/ USA Documentary Digibeta 102 min
6.30 pm My Reincarnation (PG) Italian/ Tibetan/ English USA Documentary Digibeta 95 min
9.00 pm Tibetan Book of the Dead (Some Disturbing Images) English Japan/ France/ Canada Documentary Digibeta 87 min
11.30 am The Buddha (PG) English Thailand Animation Digibeta 108 min
2.00 pm Uppalavanna (PG) Sinhala Sri Langka Drama 35mm 110 min
3.30 pm Qi Xia Temple 1937 (Some Violence) Mandarin PRC Drama 35mm 100 min