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LAFF: Caribbean   (R21)

Cast: Jorge Perugorria, Cuca Escribano, Maya Zapata

Director: Esteban Ramirez


Language: Spanish

Release Date:3 September 2010

Running Time:90 minutes

Movie Code:9981


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Politics, passion and environmentalism collide in this steamy drama set in Costa Rica.

After moving to a peaceful fishing community to work for a banana company, Vicente Vallejo and his wife Abigail become involved in a struggle between angry locals and a multinational oil company that wants to drill off the coast. Vincent has acquired a banana plantation and its sole customer, a multinational, unexpectedly decided to terminate his contract due to market swings. Their difficulties are exacerbated by the unexpected arrival of young Irene, half-sister of Abigail, and the installation of a U.S. oil company in the area, which divides the community with the promise of new jobs and the fear of environmental damage.

The film won numerous awards, including Best Film (Huelva 2004) and Best Director (Trieste 2004).

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