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Catch Up Movies: That Girl in Pinafore   (PG13/Some Sexual References) GV Movie Club Member's Rating: 25 vote(s)

Cast: Julie Tan, Daren Tan, Seah Jiaqing

Director: Chai Yee-wei

Genre:Drama/ Comedy

Language: Mandarin

Release Date:1 August 2013

Running Time:115 minutes

Movie Code:3142


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Should you follow your heart or your head? That Girl in Pinafore is a coming-of-age tale set in 1993, Singapore, about dreams, friendships, and first loves. The story follows four teenagers' efforts to bring business back to a struggling folk music pub, and the blossoming love between Jiaming and May, both fans of Singaporean folk music. 1992 - Singapore is on the verge of electing its first President, and chewing gum has been banned. Hope and rejuvenation is in the air, everyone believes in the Singapore Dream. Young musicians strive to give birth to a local music industry, creating local music at a rapid pace. Music cafes spring up everywhere alongside the hot new trend, karaoke. Jiaming is a free spirited teenager who has never taken school seriously. His parents own a music pub called 'Meng Chuan', and Jiaming feels schooling is useless as he wants to help out at the business. True enough, Jiaming flunks his 'O' level exams and drops out of school. Jiaming's buddies Caogen, Haoban and Xiaopang pass their exams and move on to Junior College. But they are caught renting porn magazines by the principal and are suspended for a month. During this month, the boys take part in a local music competition, have a taste of first love, and work hard to bring business back to the struggling 'Meng Chuan'. This coming-of-age tale sees Jiaming and gang learn the harsh realities of pursuing dreams in the real world. In growing up, the boys learn that choosing between your heart and societal expectations is akin to losing your innocence to the adult world. The eventual closure of the pub 'Meng Chuan' paralells the real world demise of the 'Xinyao' movement around the mid-90s. It signifies the lost of youthful innocence to the necessities of growing up.

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AaronT (Submitted on 25/9/13 3:57PM)
Sad ending but for me this is the best part of the movie for the sadness seems real and touches in its simplicity and the ending song truly brings out the poignancy of remembering all things good and bad from one’s youth.
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Magna (Submitted on 15/9/13 12:19AM)
I must say this movie is the Singaporean equivalent of Taiwan’s ’You Are The Apple Of My Eye’ and Malaysia’s ’Ice Kachang Puppy Love’. Every one who was born in the late 70s and 80s need to watch this to relive memories of their teenage years.
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jedidiahdude (Submitted on 9/9/13 11:40PM)
A trip down memory lane for my wife and me. We laughed, we cried, we bobbed our heads & tapped our feet to the groovy versions of the familiar xinyao tunes. A credit to the local film industry. The film that marks Julie Tan’s star status!
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K-vin (Submitted on 29/8/13 1:46PM)
Though not an entirely original plot but very relatable for the target audience. Spot on casting & endearing performances helped viewers connect with the film. Last but not least, the star of the show "Xin Yao". BEST . SINGAPORE . FILM . SO . FAR
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Emoviefan22 (Submitted on 29/8/13 10:53AM)
nice :))
Great singing and indeed bring back fond memories...
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Movie! (Submitted on 28/8/13 4:27PM)
this movie is a must watch! Just go and watch it please...
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Chuanshan (Submitted on 27/8/13 10:32AM)
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yeng yeng (Submitted on 22/8/13 12:11AM)
I really like this movie. It is engaging, filled with heartwarming Xin Yao songs & more noteworthy is its comedic moments - just right, not over-the-top exaggerating. The 4 main actors have certainly endeared themselves to me by the end of the show.
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Liz Tan (Submitted on 21/8/13 10:57AM)
Nice Xin Yao songs. Good story line. Great Movie ! Worth watching !
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smiley teddy bear (Submitted on 18/8/13 5:35PM)
great movie, love the music everything, best local film i ever watch ever i watch twice, i will still watch again as many time as i want.
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