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Tales From the Dark Part 1   (PG13/Some Violence & Disturbing Scenes) GV Movie Club Member's Rating: 4 vote(s)

Cast: Kelly Chen, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Simon Yam

Director: Fruit Chan, Lee Chi Ngai, Lawrence Lau Kwok Cheong


Language: Mandarin

Release Date:18 July 2013

Running Time:110 minutes

Movie Code:3138


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Tales From The Dark, based on the best-selling horror novel, comprising six segments adapted from stories written by Hong Kong author Lilian Lee. The six segments will be directed by Fruit Chan, Lee Chi Ngai, Lawrence Lau, Teddy Robin, Gordon Chan and actor Simon Yam in his directorial debut.

Tales From The Dark Part 1
One chilly night, veteran villain hitter Chu (Siu Yam Yam) meets an uncommon client, a pretty 20-ish girl (Dada Chan) who pays her to curse 4 villains without knowing their names. Mysteriously, with each cursing ceremony performed delivers a gruesome death of a victim. When it comes to the last victim, or villain, it also unfolds a chilling, intolerable secret.

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chriseliz (Submitted on 5/8/13 2:43AM)
Very disappointing movie. Was very looking forward to watch this movie, however it’s not even half as good as older HK horror movies in the last decade. Story not original and rather predictable.
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Pinkjan (Submitted on 24/7/13 3:26PM)
2 popcorns for their effort. Not scary at all.
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singa_mama (Submitted on 21/7/13 2:28AM)
I gave it 3 popcorns coz I like watching horror movies..however, out of the 3 movies, the 1st one was the most disappointing cos it left me many ???The 2nd and 3rd stories were much better, at least I know who the villain was, how they were related.
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kleo (Submitted on 20/7/13 4:08AM)
Not very scary. Story line is quite expected. Don’t pin too high hope if you want to watch... maybe it will be better. Generally, it is quite disappointing to me.
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