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Must Watch Asian Films: Ah Boys to Men   (PG13/Some Coarse Language) GV Movie Club Member's Rating: 59 vote(s)

Cast: Joshua Tan, Maxi Lim, Noah Yap

Director: Jack Neo

Genre:Drama/ Comedy

Language: Mandarin

Release Date:8 November 2012

Running Time:113 minutes

Movie Code:3073


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In commemoration of Singapores 45th year of National Service, renowned homegrown director Jack Neo returns with a S$3million production Ah Boys To Men. The movie stars local veteran actor Richard Low, well-known actress/comedienne Irene Ang, celebrated musician Roy Li and actors Wang Lei and Jacky. On top of these familiar faces, Jack Neo also introduces fresh faces to the cast lineup, including famous bloggers Mr Brown, Qiu QIu and Tosh. In conjunction with the NS45 campaign From Fathers To Sons, the movie shares how youngsters now step out of their comfort zone and learn the importance of protecting their country. Ah Boys To Men is sure to bring back memories for Singaporean men who have previously served National Service and at the same time, interest young boys who have yet to join the army.

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SUN (Submitted on 7/1/13 1:16PM)
Very good, extremely entertaining n exciting. FUNNY!
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rawrbeafraid (Submitted on 29/12/12 4:09AM)
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boyz86 (Submitted on 27/12/12 10:08PM)
Story-line is good and flows well. Those who gone through NS, it bring back memories. Those who required to be enlisted but has not, it would be a good eye-opener for them. A good and funny film for the old and young. 3.25/5
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Adelinetui (Submitted on 27/12/12 11:08AM)
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Luxiferette13 (Submitted on 19/12/12 10:08AM)
A story about how to "chao geng" in the army. Protrays the new age soilders thinking and how society has change the way they are now. Starting is not very realistics but good try by Jack Neo.
Can watch.
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StarClub (Submitted on 6/12/12 3:22AM)
Probably one of the best movies to end 2012. Jack did exceptionally well directing this, Gd intro to see a beautiful and successful Singapore, he never fail to win Sporean hearts with politics and way of life in SG. Can’t wait to see ABTM 2 !! (^- ^)
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Zaman ah pa (Submitted on 4/12/12 8:24PM)
Funny movie.. Worth the money for a good laugh
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Bimlian (Submitted on 4/12/12 10:39AM)
Although the storyline of the main character is poor. But the entire movie provides a good laugh for everyone and for my partner, memories of his army days. Would recommend adult Singaporeans to watch for a good laugh based on our local culture.
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emily_ang (Submitted on 29/11/12 6:40AM)
Quite a funny movie but it is not like before.Last time all mostly mix with Hokkien, Chinese and a bit of english.But now it mostly English with a bit mix of other languages.If you want bring elderly go watch,must make sure they understand English.
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linyy29 (Submitted on 27/11/12 3:44PM)
I have not had a good laugh for a long time! Justin makes a good actor to the role and so do the rest of the main casts. The graphic effects would require lotsa improvements.
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