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Hotaru (In Digital)  (PG) GV Movie Club Member's Rating: 1 vote(s)

Cast: HarukaAyase, NaohitoFujik

Director: Yoshino Hiroshi

Genre:Romance/ Comedy

Language: Japanese

Release Date:23 August 2012

Running Time:110 minutes

Movie Code:3039


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HotaruAmemiya is like a "dried fish," competent and put-together at work but a lazy slob at home in sweats with zero interest in dating. She would rather "lounge around than fool around." After many ups and downs she finally ends up happily married to her boss Seiichi Takano, who she had been sharing a house with. And that was where the TV series ended.

In the movie, Hotaru becomes a new woman and strives to become a refined lady, and the moving love story of the couple's newly married life unfolds...

...Not! Hotaru hasn't changed a bit. Even as a new wife, she lounges around on the veranda of their home like a walrus. But when she finds out that her husband's dream is to spend a "Roman holiday with a loved one," she decides to go on their honeymoon to Italy. She's never travelled overseas before and frankly doesn't feel up to it at all, but since her husband seems to be really looking forward to it, she'll do this honeymoon thing for his sake!

Thus HOTARU THE MOVIE is a spectacular romantic comedy set in Italy. There, the newlyweds meet Rio, another "dried fish" in Italy, and her younger brother Yu, and all hell breaks loose! What will become of Hotaru, the bride who rushes around a foreign city in pursuit of her beloved groom, Manager Takano, who has suddenly disappeared in Rome?

Will the two be able to find eternal love in Italy?

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Ryuen (Submitted on 3/9/12 11:37AM)
Great movie where the cutest couple makes you laugh, cry and rethink about how u manage your life & relationships. U don’t have to watch the drama to appreciate this movie although it helps to build up your understanding of the leads. Do-Kyunnn!!!!
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