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The Ultimate Winner   (PG/Gambling Theme) GV Movie Club Member's Rating: 9 vote(s)

Cast: Li Nanxing, Aaron Chen, Dai Yang Tian

Director: Li Nanxing

Genre:Drama/ Action

Language: Mandarin

Release Date:14 April 2011

Running Time:101 minutes

Movie Code:2893


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Since young, Shin Tian Cai was greatly influenced by his father's gambling addiction. He was known among his peers as a junior gambling king. When he was 8 years old, his father died in a fire mishap leaving behind Tian Cai to fend for himself.

As the years went by

Tian Cai marries Zhi Hu who is about to give birth. Tian Cai gambles to support his family and he believes that through gambling he can become rich. Tian Cai contacts Honey, who is a junket. She has this deep affection for Tian Cai and hopes to draw him into the high-rollers gambling circle. In order to impress Tian Cai, and also to create an opportunity to be close to him, Honey introduces him to those high-stake games. With Tian Cai's innate gambling instinct and talent, he managed to make a huge windfall. Tian Cai's talent in gambling has generated envy and hatred from a Taiwanese tycoon Li Guan Jun. Each step that Tian Cai takes, is about to bring him closer to his nemesis and imminent death.

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vicboyzz (Submitted on 7/5/11 11:05PM)
Another great local movie from Li Nanxing. Touching at some scenes and the way Li Nanxing directs the gambling scenes were great oso. Didnt really like the ending but still a good ending though.
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rebby (Submitted on 29/4/11 12:01AM)
This movie is nice and it’s definitely worth watching. It conveys a strong message for everyone especially to the gamblers. I hope there will be more films directed by Mr Li Nanxing =D
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magicmark (Submitted on 27/4/11 1:00AM)
movie is nice go watch it.... support singapore movie........
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Mabellim (Submitted on 24/4/11 11:33AM)
I think this movie is good. I like e storyline, not too exaggerate like e usual gambling shows, rather realistic except for e bets :) quite touching at some parts. I like it :)
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QiuWei (Submitted on 22/4/11 2:37AM)
I felt that Li Nanxing being the film director is worth it as he had accumulated his experiences in his ’Unbeatables’ trilogy as the lead although it is his directorial debut in the big screen as he fields the casts seems to be right choices.
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Lamiea (Submitted on 17/4/11 9:54PM)
The show looked promising in the beginning but the ending was disappointing. It wasn’t conclusive and the fate of some characters were unknown in the end. It seems like the director went out of time and needed to end the show in a hurry. Such a pity.
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fkh3100 (Submitted on 16/4/11 4:50PM)
The show is just okay.. but I hope to see what happen to Champion Lee.. Just go there to see Phyllis and Constance.
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cliffie (Submitted on 15/4/11 10:18PM)
disappointed upon the storyline and the setting of the movie. i thought they filmed in the sands casino. but... nevermind.. not exciting at all.. the whole movie seems like it is rushing for the next scene.
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Aresden (Submitted on 15/4/11 5:33PM)
This show is similar or perhaps worst than a typical channel 8 drama show IMHO. It does not really encourage people to quit gambling or anyting....
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