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Under The Hawthorn Tree   (PG) GV Movie Club Member's Rating: 1 vote(s)

Cast: Zhou Dongyu, Shawn Dou

Director: Zhang Yimou


Language: Mandarin

Release Date:10 February 2011

Running Time:114 minutes

Movie Code:2852


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Written by renowned author Aimi, the novel Hawthorn Tree Forever was inspired by the real-life story of her friend, Jing. Touched by the emotionally charged story, director Zhang Yimou has set out to bring on to the big screen this story of heart-wrenching romance, giving audiences all over the world the chance of leaping across the engravings of time to experience the true meaning of unfaltering love.

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Dr Song Zhiwei (Submitted on 18/2/11 9:50AM)
Nice and emotional love story. And learn more about the revolution age in China.
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