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Sadako Movie Marathon   (NC16/Frightening Scenes)

Cast: Satomi Ishihara, Koji Seto, Tsutomu Takahashi

Director: Tsutomu Hanabusa


Language: Japanese

Release Date:21 June 2012

Running Time:351 minutes

Movie Code:0635


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Watch the origins of Sadako in the classic THE RING & RING 2 & witness her resurrection in SADAKO.

This is one movie marathon for the most fearless movie-goers!

Sadako Movie Marathon
GV Plaza
22nd June, Friday
9.00pm - THE RING
10.50pm - Break (20 mins)
11.10pm - RING 2
01.00am - Break (15 mins)
01.15am - SADAKO
Ticket Price:
$27 (Members) / $32 (Public)
Includes a Large Popcorn Combo

Akane is a high school teacher who hears a rumor from her students that there is actual footage on the Internet of someone's suicide. The footage is said to drive anyone who sees it to also commit suicide. Akane does not believe the rumor at first, but when one of her female students dies after viewing the footage, she and her boyfriend Takanori are fatefully drawn into the horror that has been created by the man who appears in the suicide footage, Kashiwada. Kashiwada's intention is to create chaos in the world by bringing back Sadako and the power of her curse.

This reminded Akane of an incident which happened during high school when she saved all her fellow classmates lives with a scream, from then on, everyone started outcast her. What special powers does Akane have to overcome the horror from Sadako?

This triggered off a battle between Akane and Sadako, now Akane has to fight against Sadako and Kashiwada to save the lives of herself and Takanori.Will Akane overcome all difficulties to save her boyfriend Takanori and the world?

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